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By the time you’ve read this page, Earth will have lost an area of forest the size of eleven football pitches.* 

That’s devastating for wildlife.  It will probably cost a family of orangutans their home.

Somewhere in Kenya, right now, black rhinos are fighting a battle for their lives. With poaching putting their very survival under threat.

All over the world, thousands of animals and plants are losing their habitats, and their lives. Human activity is pushing countless species towards extinction.

It might sound hopeless, but it’s not. Not if we all work together.

Act for Wildlife is a wildlife conservation campaign, led by Chester Zoo. Aimed at raising awareness of these desperate conservation needs and the money needed to make that difference.

You don't have to be a Game Ranger in Africa to help protect black rhinos. You don’t have to be a community worker in Assam to help people humanely protect their crops from elephants. You don't even have to be a member of a North West community group to help with local monitoring of hazel dormice.

You can help by donating to Act for Wildlife. Chester Zoo is funding our admin costs, so 100% of your money will make a difference on the front line, in the wild.

It might buy seedlings to replant forests in Borneo. Or help fuel an anti-poaching vehicle in Africa. It could buy equipment to help monitor dormice in Cheshire. Or pay for educational materials that help communities around the world understand the vital importance of wildlife. With your money we'll also make sure that the people working at the coal face of conservation, out in the wild, have got the skills they need to do their jobs, to make the difference, to save and protect our planet's wildlife.

Donating makes you part of the team. So we’ll keep you in touch with what we’re doing, and how you’re helping. Our people on the ground will report back in words, pictures and video, through this site and email. 


* This website shows how much forest we’re losing every second. Together, we can start to reverse it.

Act for Wildlife is operated by the North of England Zoological Society.
Registered Charity No. 306077

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