Staff go wild in Argentina

23rd January 2015

Two members of staff from Chester Zoo recently visited Argentina to see the results of some important conservation work taking place, which the zoo has supported, and to look at opportunities to expand this support.

Bees and elephants in Sri Lanka

20th January 2015

Kylie Butler has been working in Sri Lanka on a project that is similar to our Assam Haathi Project; focusing on human-elephant conflict. She aims to help elephants and people live safely alongside one another by deterring elephants away from the crops by using bees.

Protecting the secretive woolly lemur

18th January 2015

What do you know about the woolly lemur in Madagascar? There is little known about this endangered species, meaning any research around this animal and its habitat are important for future conservation activity.

News from the Aberdares, Kenya

16th January 2015

Last week we shared the first update from one of the recipients of our Studentship Grants scheme. Here's the next post from another project, based in Kenya.

Impacts of logging on mammals in Borneo

9th January 2015

Here's an overview of one of the projects we’ve supported through our Studentship Grants scheme. 

Supporting the next generation of conservationists

9th January 2015

As you already know, we Act for Wildlife and we do this in a number of ways. But to start off 2015 we thought we’d share something with you about Act for Wildlife that you may not be aware of...

Fierce but fun competition in Kenya

2nd January 2015

Dr Maggie Esson, our education programmes manager, has recently returned from Kenya where she attended the 2014 Maasai Olympics. Read more > 

Expedition to Assam in 2015

24th December 2014

In February 2015 12 members of zoo staff will be taking part in an expedition to Assam in North East India.

Education is an important part of conservation

23rd December 2014

After a series of updates from Scott Wilson - our head of field programmes - following his recent trip to China, this is the final one. Read more...

Chester Zoo staff out in the field part 2

17th December 2014

Here’s the second update from our lead elephant keeper following on from his visit to Assam, India. 

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