Working on the frontline of wildlife conservation

31st July 2015

Today is World Ranger Day so we’re celebrating the people all over the world who risk their lives to protect animals under threat – our wildlife heroes.

Living with Tigers update on Global Tiger Day...

29th July 2015

We have an update from our new Living with Tigers project - on Global Tiger Day too! The latest news comes from Chloe Inskip our conservation scientist working on the project...

Fantastic news from the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme...

27th July 2015

The Philippine cockatoo is just one of the many critically endangered endemic species found on the islands of the Philippines. We have been working with our partners to save this species and increase their numbers for many years. 

Chester Zoo staff take a trip to the Philippines

24th July 2015

Chester Zoo has been supporting conservation projects in the Philippines for over 20 years! Chester Zoo staff recently travelled to the Philippines to check on the progress of the various projects we support.

Working in the Philippines

22nd July 2015

Learn more about the conservation projects we work with in the Philippines and the wonderful species we're trying to protect from extinction.

Panay and the Philippines

20th July 2015

Like many of the countries in South East Asia, the Philippines is made up of many islands, some large and some small. These islands are home to some of the world's most unique species that can't be found anywhere else. 

Work experience at the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre

16th July 2015

Our ex-intern Matt Speed has been working with the Cikananga Conservation Breeding Centre; he took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us about what he's getting up to at the project.

Upsetting news from Brazil

14th July 2015

We've received another update from the Giant Armadillo Project in Brazil and unfortunately this time it is bad news. Dr Arnaud Desbiez tells us more.

Update from the Philippines…

14th July 2015

Following on from the devastating news we received the other week from our partners in the Philippines, we’ve had an amazing response from you, our wonderful supporters. Here's an update from the project.

What do you know about the illegal wildlife trade?

10th July 2015

Our recent emergency turtle appeal is a stark reminder of how the illegal wildlife trade industry is jeopardising the survival of global biodiversity. But what do you know about the illlegal wildlife trade? 

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