It's a race against time...

23rd June 2016

Amphibian experts are playing Cupid to try and save one of the largest and most endangered frog species in the world from extinction, the mountain chicken frog. 

Working with local people to protect endangered primates

15th June 2016

Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva is the coordinator of a team of researchers in Portugal. Last year she was awarded a grant from Chester Zoo to support her work in protecting the endangered Guinea-Bissau Western chimpanzee.

Helping to save one of the most critically endangered trees in Britain

8th June 2016

Propagation is a lengthy process and our botanics team here at the zoo work hard year round to make sure the cuttings grow into strong and healthy trees that are ready to be planted back into the wild. Let's follow Richard Hewitt, Chester Zoo’s horticulturist team manager, as he take us through the propagation process...

Monitoring wildcats in Scotland

6th June 2016

Clare Hill joined a multitude of volunteers in helping our project partners, Scottish Wildcat Action, with their winter surveys in search of the ever-elusive Scottish wildcat. After living and working in Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales for the past five years, Clare was eager to get back to exploring Scotland.

Celebrating 20 years of tapir conservation...

2nd June 2016

Our colleagues at the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative are celebrating 20 years of tapir conservation and so we'd like to say a BIG congrats to the team for their incredible and inspiring efforts.

Pine marten kits born in the wild in Wales

1st June 2016

We’re particularly thrilled to share the latest pine marten news from our project partners, The Vincent Wildlife Trust...

Making Wildlife Connections for bees

16th May 2016

Earlier this year we launched Wildlife Connections, a project led by Chester Zoo, to create safe spaces for our most precious local wildlife. As part of the project, we have been working closely with a number of different community groups and inviting them to attend a series of workshops and Masterclasses led by experts from the zoo and our conservation partners.

Tapir project - update from Brazil

13th May 2016

Here’s the latest update from our project partners in Brazil - the Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative. It sounds like the project in the Cerrado is developing well and producing some important and exciting results.

Lend your eyes to the wild

12th May 2016

We’ve joined forces with Taronga Zoo, San Diego Zoo and the international wildlife trade monitor network, TRAFFIC, to raise awareness of illegal wildlife trade and how people can help in the fight against it.

“Why do we need conservation?”

11th May 2016

As we’ve said in previous blogs, without people we can’t continue our vital conservation work around the world and help protect endangered species. Chester Zoo’s conservation social scientist is interested in the impact people have on wildlife and what we can do as a zoo to educate and inspire people to help protect it. 

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