Indonesian songbird crisis

29th June 2015

Indonesia is a country steeped in culture and has many ancient traditions and it’s one of these traditions that’s driving many Indonesian birds to the brink of extinction…

EMERGENCY APPEAL from the Philippines

22nd June 2015

We at Chester Zoo have received some devastating news from our partners in the Philippines. We need your help...

Tangkoko and the crested macaques

18th June 2015

We support at the Tangkoko Conservation Education project in Sulawesi. The project uses education as a behaviour changing tool so that local communities change the way they live to be more harmonious with their environment. 

It's World Giraffe Day on 21st June!

18th June 2015

World Giraffe Day is celebrated on Sunday 21 June (the longest day of the year for the world’s tallest animal!) and this year’s focus is on the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe, a subspecies of giraffe that Chester Zoo works closely with. 

Working on the island of Sulawesi

16th June 2015

Sulawesi is one of the larger Indonesian islands, and one of the islands that you will be able to visit when Islands opens at Chester Zoo. Here's an insight into the life on Sulawesi...

Rhino specialists come 'charging' to Chester

11th June 2015

We’re thrilled to be hosting this year’s International Rhino Keeper Association (IRKA) biannual workshop from 14th -18th of June, dedicated to sharing knowledge about the husbandry, care and research pertaining to the five species of rhino.

Happy World Environment Day!

5th June 2015

Today (5th June) is World Environment Day! The field conservation team at Chester Zoo work with partners in many different environments all over the world; from the tropical rainforests of Borneo, to the temperate woodlands of the UK.


3rd June 2015

We've been at it again...dormousing! Find out how our latest survey went, the first of 2015, and see how our lovely dormice have coped with the winter and cold spring.

Looking out for moths

26th May 2015

Interested in moths but don’t know how to entice them into your back garden without using expensive light traps? Have no fear, we have the answer: wine ropes. Here is a step by step on how to make your own.

Chester Zoo Wildlife Watch

22nd May 2015

There is something reassuring about watching wildlife. To take a moment and just watch the natural world go about its business can be both relaxing and important in assisting conservation within the UK. Get involved here...

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