Protecting the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan

8th October 2015

Orangutans are one of the flagship species that we are working to protect at Chester Zoo. Education programmes are an extremely important part of conservation, like the one we're supporting in Sumatra...

Your Go Orange donations are helping orangutans

2nd October 2015

The money raised from last year's Go Orange for Orangutans campaign has been used to restore a 30 acre plot of land that had been illegally planted with oil palms in the past. Here's an update from our partners who received your kind donations...

It's time to Go Orange for Orangutans!

1st October 2015

Can you believe it’s been nearly two months since we celebrated International Orangutan Day? One day is just not enough for us, so we’re celebrating all things orangutan throughout the whole of October!

Pine martens arrive in Wales

29th September 2015

Britain’s first carnivore recovery scheme on a nationwide scale is underway. Native pine martens from Scotland are beginning a new life in Wales, and more are on the way...

Protecting livestock & preventing human-wildlife conflict

28th September 2015

As well as working with local communities and farmers to protect livestock from carnivore attacks, the Ruaha Carnivore Project has successfully been supplying livestock guard dogs to farmers as an additional security measure.

Working with communities to protect African carnivores

28th September 2015

We have another update for you from the Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP), following on from our earlier blog. This project is working closely with local communities to prevent Human-Carnivore Conflict. 

Preventing human-carnivore conflict in Africa

28th September 2015

We support the Ruaha Carnivore Project which is based next to the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. The project works with local communities to prevent Human-Carnivore Conflict which can often result in the death of animals such as lions and leopards.

The Green Gold Conspiracy

25th September 2015

As part of our Palm Oil Challenge we’ve commissioned a brand new piece of experimental theatre which is putting wildlife conservation at the heart of its storyline. 

With World Rhino Day came some BIG news

23rd September 2015

With World Rhino Day came some really exciting news from one of the projects we’re supporting to protect the remaining population of Sumatran rhinos. And we couldn’t wait to share the news with you too!

Today is World Rhino Day

22nd September 2015

Today is all about celebrating rhinos, all five species of rhino - black, white, greater one-horned, Javan and Sumatran rhinos. Even though it’s a day of celebrating, it’s also a day of raising awareness to highlight just how serious the situation is for these animals.

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