Rare parrot has been given a new ‘endangered’ status

24th July 2014

A rare parrot has been given a new ‘endangered’ status after a group of researchers from Chester Zoo headed to South America to track down and learn more about the species.

Nigeria's wonderful wildlife

22nd July 2014

Our Gashaka Biodiversity Project is working to save wildlife habitats in Nigeria’s largest National Park:  Gashaka Gumti National Park.   Take a look at some of the magnificent wildlife living within the forest...



Forensic Conservation: Blood, Water & DNA

11th July 2014

What can blood and water tell us about endangered species? 

Taking the lead in Gashaka…

8th July 2014

Chester Zoo has been supporting conservation work in Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria, for 20 years - a biodiversity hot-spot!  Recently we've taken over the co-ordination of the project under the new title Gashaka Biodiversity Project. 

News from the field...

2nd July 2014

The England team may have returned home after their performance at the World Cup, but we’re still making a difference in Brazil with a species classified as vulnerable on the IUCN red list...

‘Cat’alogue of events...

27th June 2014

Take a look at two different, yet similar, projects based in Africa. Both projects are working to support two species of large cat: the Cheetah and Lion.

National Insect Week

26th June 2014

It's National Insect Week this week! And to celebrate all things creepy crawly, we thought we'd tell you a little about these amazing animals and how you can help them in your garden...


Making a splash in conservation

20th June 2014

We’ve got a double update for you today, from two different conservation projects on opposite sides of the world! 

Creating a buzz for biodiversity

16th June 2014

Chester Zoo has created its own native wildlife haven with free access to the public as part of its commitment to conserve native species.

Quick update from Brazil…

13th June 2014

As England prepare to kick off their first game of the 2014 World Cup, we have a quick update from the country hosting this year's football competition.

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