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Just another (extraordinary) day in the office

15th January 2014

We thought we’d share this great ‘day in the life of’ video from conservation partners Hutan as they begin their days work monitoring Orangutans in Borneo.

Meet Emma and Subis, Sumatran Orangutans at Chester Zoo

10th December 2013

In this latest blog from Primate Keeper Chris Yarwood we learn about Emma and Subis, our adult female Sumatran Orangutans at Chester Zoo.

How dental health at Chester Zoo helps our orangutan conservation partners

8th November 2013

Our partners in the field explain how the orangutans at Chester Zoo and their dental health can actually help conservation studies thousands of miles away in Borneo.

Meet ‘Martha’ the Bornean Orangutan

1st November 2013

As part of our focus on orangutans during Go Orange, Primate Keeper Chris  Yarwood has been telling us about the orangutans at Chester Zoo and introducing us to some of the biggest characters. Here we meet Bornean orangutan Martha.

Operation Orangutan

31st October 2013

It's often forgotten that education is a vital part of conservation. Education specialist Liz Pitchford tells us about a recent project at Chester Zoo to inspire the next generation.

Latest field report from our orangutan conservation partners

24th October 2013

Read the latest update from our orangutan conservation partners in Borneo following the recent visit by the Chester Zoo bridge building team.

Bornean or Sumatran orangutan – what’s the difference?

21st October 2013

The easy answer is that one is from Borneo and the other from Sumatra - but there's a little more to it than that. Chris Yarwood, Lead keeper at Chester Zoo, tells us more...

Orangutan conservation: A field update from our team

17th October 2013

Earlier this month we sent a team to Borneo to build vital bridges for orangutans with our conservation partners. Get the latest from the field with an update from Dr Nick Davies.

Meet ‘Puluh’ the Sumatran Orangutan

14th October 2013

We asked the Primate Team at Chester Zoo to tell us about the orangutans they work with and why it's so important to conserve them and their habitat in the wild.

Meet our orangutan conservation partners

10th October 2013

We talk to Dr Marc Ancrenaz, Co-director of our orangutan conservation partners in Borneo about what HUTAN do and how everyone can be part of the solution.

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