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Orangutan habitat

15th October 2014

Orangutans are umbrella species, large animals that require large areas of native forest to survive. By acting to protect orangutans you will also protect many other species that share the same forest.

Check your labels

13th October 2014

Not sure what palm oil is or how it’s affecting orangutans in the wild? Find out all you need to know here...

Let sleeping orangutans lie

9th October 2014

This year we're raising money to replant the rainforest home of endangered orangutans in Borneo. Orangutans need trees for food, shelter and rest...

World Habitat Day

6th October 2014

Today is World Habitat Day and this year's Go Orange campaign is all about habitat. 

Spot the difference

1st October 2014

As the orangutan is one of our closest relatives we thought we’d explore some of the similarities and differences between us. 

Using new technology to conserve orangutans

29th September 2014

Here at Chester Zoo we’re always looking for new tools to help us Act for Wildlife and for the past year we’ve been funding an exciting project developing innovative technologies which will help us conserve the Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutan.

Know your orangutans?

24th September 2014

Think you know you're orangutans? Brush up on facts about these amazing apes.

How your donations help orangutans

16th September 2014

It’s nearly time to Go Orange for Orangutans! Last October you helped us raise £15,000 for our orangutan conservation projects. Find out how your donations helped.  

How will you Go Orange for Orangutans?

9th September 2014

Wild orangutans in the Bornean rainforest need our help! Their habitat is being destroyed at a worrying rate, so we need to act now to help save this amazing ape. How will you Go Orange for Orangutans? 

Let's Go Orange!

5th September 2014

If we don't act now we risk losing the orangutan species forever. This is why we're asking you to Go Orange for Orangutans this October. 

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