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What's The Green Gold Conspiracy all about?

12th November 2015

At the end of October we ventured into the world of theatre to raise awareness of the growing palm oil industry and how it’s affecting wildlife around the world.

Thank you for taking part in Go Orange!

2nd November 2015

We want to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who has been joining in Go Orange for Orangutans this year...

Working to protect orangutans in Borneo

2nd November 2015

Following on from the blog update we shared with you from Hutan’s Dr Marc Ancrenaz, we have another post from our project partners – this time we’d like to introduce you to Dr Isabelle Lackman, co-director of the project alongside Marc.

Orangutans in oil palm plantations - why can't they survive there?

26th October 2015

It is a widely accepted fact that oil palm plantations are no place for orangutans, but it is rarely explained WHY an orangutan can’t survive and live in oil palm plantations alone. This blog shares the research work our field partners have been carrying out to gain a better understanding of how orangutans are adapting to these new landscapes. 

Orangutan in the wild turns one

23rd October 2015

Following the birth of our Sumatran orangutan at Chester Zoo we received a lovely message from our project partners in Borneo, they also shared a little update about one of the organutans they've been observing for the past 18 years.

Building bridges for orangutans

21st October 2015

Not only do we provide financial support to our projects we also share practical advice, skills and expertise wherever possible. This next blog is from Chester Zoo’s assistant curator of mammals, Nick Davis. He also works with our project partners Hutan; by sharing his knowledge of working with this species with the team working in the field.

Orangutan conservation takes to the skies

16th October 2015

As you know, we’re always looking for new tools to help us protect wildlife, and with technology evolving each day, there’s new and innovative ways to help conserve wildlife...

Take part in our zoo activities

14th October 2015

Back in August, you may remember we asked for all budding artists to help us with a sculpture our artist in residence was creating to help us raise awareness of the impact palm oil is having on wildlife. We have another opportunity for you to get involved...

Who's been going orange for orangutans?

12th October 2015

With over 200 of you getting ready to Go Orange for Orangutans this October, we’ve already heard some great fundraising stories from you.

Protecting the critically endangered Sumatran orangutan

8th October 2015

Orangutans are one of the flagship species that we are working to protect at Chester Zoo. Education programmes are an extremely important part of conservation, like the one we're supporting in Sumatra...

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