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Using new technology to conserve orangutans

29th September 2014

Here at Chester Zoo we’re always looking for new tools to help us Act for Wildlife and for the past year we’ve been funding an exciting project developing innovative technologies which will help us conserve the Critically Endangered Sumatran orangutan.

Know your orangutans?

24th September 2014

Think you know you're orangutans? Brush up on facts about 

How your donations help orangutans

16th September 2014

It’s nearly time to Go Orange for Orangutans! Last October you helped us raise £15,000 for our orangutan conservation projects. Find out how your donations helped.  

How will you Go Orange for Orangutans?

9th September 2014

Wild orangutans in the Bornean rainforest need our help! Their habitat is being destroyed at a worrying rate, so we need to act now to help save this amazing ape. How will you Go Orange for Orangutans? 

Let's Go Orange!

5th September 2014

If we don't act now we risk losing the orangutan species forever. This is why we're asking you to Go Orange for Orangutans this October. 

International Orangutan Day 2014

19th August 2014

It’s International Orangutan Day (Tue 19 August) – the perfect time to tell you all about our Go Orange for Orangutans campaign, why we’re joining in with conservation organisations around the world to help raise the profile of orangutans, and how you can act too!

Just another (extraordinary) day in the office

15th January 2014

We thought we’d share this great ‘day in the life of’ video from conservation partners Hutan as they begin their days work monitoring Orangutans in Borneo.

Meet Emma and Subis, Sumatran Orangutans at Chester Zoo

10th December 2013

In this latest blog from Primate Keeper Chris Yarwood we learn about Emma and Subis, our adult female Sumatran Orangutans at Chester Zoo.

How dental health at Chester Zoo helps our orangutan conservation partners

8th November 2013

Our partners in the field explain how the orangutans at Chester Zoo and their dental health can actually help conservation studies thousands of miles away in Borneo.

Meet ‘Martha’ the Bornean Orangutan

1st November 2013

As part of our focus on orangutans during Go Orange, Primate Keeper Chris  Yarwood has been telling us about the orangutans at Chester Zoo and introducing us to some of the biggest characters. Here we meet Bornean orangutan Martha.

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