A desperate search for snared black rhino in Kenya

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In the Chyulu Hills, in Kenya a camera trap funded by Act for Wildlife, captured an image of a black rhino with a wire snare around its neck. 

Rhino snared

Rhino snared


Since then the team have been searching tirelessly on foot and have hired helicopters in a desperate attempt to try to find the male – a rare breeding rhino that is too valuable to lose.

They have found his tracks on a few occasions but are getting increasingly worried as they’ve found blood on the branches of the forest. The dense forest and recent rain has meant that the tracks are being washed away and are really difficult to find.

With no sighting of the rhino for over a week the 30 men are continuing the search and hoping that, following delivery of thermal imaging equipment, there may still be a chance of saving it.

The first ten days of the search they have spent their budget and without our continued support they can’t continue their work.

Help our colleagues in Chyulu by donating now to our rhino project.


Latest Update from the Kenya: 4 April 2013: "I have got in my old tracker. We nearly had him yesterday, we found his tracks and Ian was seconds from getting a dart into him, then he broke and ran, anyway we are back on him and let's hope in the next few days we get lucky."

Search team


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