What can your support achieve?

    helps pay for materials to teach a school group
    could fund vital equipment for the rangers
    could provide veterinary care for a tracker bloodhound
    could help to fund an enforcement officer
    could fund the weekly fuel of a rhino ranger patrol vehicle
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    This year
    This year
    tonnes of co2 emitted

    This year
    acres of forest lost

    ACT now to save black rhinos

    There are two ways you can sponsor this project and help to save the black rhino; either by making a minimum one-off donation of £5 or by setting up a direct debit and giving a regular monthly gift.  In return for your donation you’ll receive a thank you letter from the project, a certificate of thanks and a fabulous personalised e-card.

    Project sponsorship makes a great gift too. You can personalise the e-card with a message for your friend or loved one. Plus, you get to decide the date the sponsorship gets delivered, so it's perfect for birthdays.

    Direct Debit


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