This year
This year
tonnes of co2 emitted

This year
acres of forest lost

Our e-cards are saving endangered wildlife

This Christmas buy your loved ones a charity gift that will help change the lives of both people and wildlife.

From as little as £3 you'll receive one of our special e-cards, which you can choose to have sent to you first or directly to the person you're buying it for. 

Here's an example e-card for you to see what you'll receive.

Make someone you care about smile this Christmas and Act for Wildlife.

And remember, 100% of your money goes to our field projects.


Hatigoan Children£3  Bring Light to a Family in India

Your gift will enable a family in Assam, India to have electric lighting in their home, helping deter elephants from approaching and improving their general quality of life. Just £3 will help keep a family safe from elephant damage after dark.Buy now



Wildflower£5  A UK Countryside of Colour

Restore colour and life back into our UK countryside with the gift of UK native wildflowers and plants.  Your gift will create new opportunities for wildflowers and plants to grow as well as protect existing areas of native British species, ensuring our UK wildlife is bright and blooming in the future.Buy now



Orangutan£10 Rebuilding Homes for Orangutans

Just £10 could help to replant trees in Borneo, reconnecting the forests and giving orangutans a better chance of survival in the wild. In the last century 50% of the forests in which Bornean orangutans once lived have been destroyed. With your support this gift can help to replant and reconnect the forests.Buy now



Rhinos£20 Keep Rhinos Safe in Africa

The increase in poaching throughout Africa is a constant threat to the survival of rhinos in the wild.  Your gift will enable us to provide vital safety measures such as fencing and lookout towers at our projects in Kenya and Tanzania, helping to protect the endangered population of rhinos living there. Buy now



Wildflower£30 Keeping Livelihoods Buzzing

Beehives support poor families in China that are reliant on wood cutting to develop an alternative livelihood. Without the forest, animals like the Giant Panda would have nowhere to live and without the beehives the families have little choice but to cut down more trees. Your gift will help develop alternative livelihoods to ensure both the people and the wildlife of China have a bright and buzzing future.Buy now



Want to buy a non-Christmas gift? 

You can tailor the message that is included in the e-card so its great for ANY occasion. 

Plus, if you buy it now you can select the date you want it to be sent - so it's perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts and of course Christmas.


• Personalised e-Card
• Personalised Certificate
• Letter from project
• No admin/delivery fees




• Eco-friendly purchase
• 100% goes to project
• Protect wildlife worldwide
• Helping families in need


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