Go Orange for Orangutans

It’s easy to Go Orange for Orangutans. Simply pick a day to Go Orange and donate £1 to save orangutans. 100% of your donation will go directly to help replant the forest home of this unique endangered species.

Wear orange to school or work, hold an orange bake off with your friends or set yourself an orangutan inspired challenge.

Why Go Orange?

One of our closest relatives needs our help. Orangutans need the forest to survive, but in the last thirty years, more than 80% of their forest home has been destroyed.

Known as the 'old man of the forest', orangutans are the only apes that spend almost their entire lives in the rainforest canopies of Sumatra and Borneo. Their treetop homes are some of the oldest on earth and had remained almost unchanged for the past 70 million years. But the demand for timber, palm oil, roads, agricultural land and space for mining means huge areas of the forest have now been lost, taking with it the homes of orangutans.

With their numbers dwindling we're on the verge of losing this species FOREVER.

Go Orange for Orangutans and help replant the rainforest to save our cousins in the wild.



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