Saving wildlife habitats in Nigeria

Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria, is a nationally and regionally important site for biodiversity. This wilderness, of almost 7000km2, is a critically important watershed, and its mosaic of habitats are home to a vast array of wildlife, much of which is all but lost from the rest of West Africa.

This includes probably the last viable population of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee sub-species.

Nigeria conservation project

Chester Zoo’s Gashaka Biodiversity Project, alongside international and national partners, is fighting to save the park and its wildlife from threats such as encroachment and poaching. Each year the project’s research base within the park hosts researchers from around the world; their activities not only contributing to science and the park management but also actively deterring illegal activities.

The project also provides employment and training for the local communities, and works closely with the National Park Service assisting in contributing to the infrastructure, resources and skills required to effectively protect this important area.

The Gashaka Biodviersity Project, and the neighbouring Nigeria Montane Forest Project at Ngel Nyaki which we also support, are major forces striving to protect the forest in this region of Nigeria.

Our work protects not only a beautiful wilderness, and all of the ecological functions it plays, but biodiverse habitats that hold a wealth of threatened species. The protection of these forests depends on the dedication of a wide range of partners and people – including the supporters of Act For Wildlife.

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