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China Conservation Programme

Protecting Giant Pandas and Red Pandas from extinction in the wild, means ensuring they have a home to live in.  Without the forests these enigmatic animals will be lost in the wild forever. 

Giant Panda C. Chengdu Panda BaseHabitat loss is a major factor in the decline of many species across the globe.  The forests in the Sichuan Mountains of China offer outstanding habitat for a wide range of wildlife and contain populations of animals such as the red panda, clouded leopard and many threatened birds and other wildlife that live only in this region.

The broadleaf forests of Sichuan are threatened though mainly by human activities including logging and industrial development. 

In partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, the Sichuan Forestry Department and Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base we’re working closely with local communities to protect and manage the forests.  We’re also assisting with education awareness and sustainable development, which is ultimately helping to protect the Sichuan forests and their wildlife.

Blue-crowned Laughingthursh C. Lin Jian-shengOur China Conservation Programme has a strong bird conservation element, with research projects focused on endemic species such as the Sichuan Partridge and Omei Shan Liocichla.  Head of Field Conservation and Research, Roger Wilkinson, has also been instrumental in helping to save the Blue-crowned Laughingthrush from the brink of extinction.

The programme also involves a number of sustainable community initiatives including bee keeping, fuel efficient and biogas stoves and monitoring bamboo shoot collection. These initiatives are helping to reduce fuel wood consumption and provide an important alternative source of income for many families.

Without projects like this one, the homes of many endangered species would be lost.

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From The Field

Roger Wilkinson
Head of Field Conservation at Chester Zoo

Hi, I’m Roger Wilkinson, Head of Field Conservation and Research at Chester Zoo. I first joined the zoo as Curator of Birds and to this day I remain passionate about them and their conservation. 

My passion for avian wildlife means that whilst I oversee all the conservation projects in the wild, I am actively involved in the China project, as we work with some amazing and incredibly rare species there – like the Sichuan Partridge. This bird had been considered seriously endangered but through our work the numbers of have now increased. It’s a great success!

Each year I am lucky enough to visit China, giving me the opportunity to meet with staff and local communities. Right now our work continues to develop in Sichuan to increase the protection for the important wildlife of China.

Read the latest news from our China projects in our blog



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