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Microchip to monitor a small UK mammal
2km of chilli fencing in Assam
Weekly fuel of a rhino ranger patrol vehicle
Honorary Wildlife Warden two weeks salary
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This year
This year
tonnes of co2 emitted

This year
acres of forest lost

...making a big difference

In addition to our ten flagship programmes we also support a wide variety of smaller conservation projects around the globe through the NEZS Conservation and Research Grants scheme. 

The scheme helps support projects which range from species monitoring and habitat protection to training and education.

In 2011, we helped finance and coordinate over 60 different projects around the world. These projects are listed in full in Chester Zoo’s annual report.

For further information on grants, including how to apply for one, please visit the zoo's main website.

Below are just a few examples of the fantastic projects supported most recently.  For the latest news from the projects, visit our blog.


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