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Nigeria Conservation Project

Nigeria's rich, luscious highlands are home to more than a quarter of the LAST remaining Nigerian chimpanzees.Their survival is crucial, but unless the forests where they live are protected from destruction they will become extinct.

ChimpanzeeAnd it’s not just the Chimpanzees that are in danger. The forests of Nigeria support an amazing diversity of other animals and plants, many of which are found nowhere else in Nigeria – or the world.

That’s why we’re working with the Gashaka Primate Project and the Nigerian Montane Forest Project to protect the remaining forests and with them their precious wildlife.

At the heart of conservation is great science and research and that’s exactly what happens here.  In fact over the last decade our support has helped develop Gashaka Gumti National Park into an internationally renowned site for primate research. 

Over the years our support has also enabled improved communication systems, ultimately leading to improved protection of the park.  In the last year alone we supported solar power upgrades for radio communication systems and also invested in a new visitor centre project which will help generate awareness of conservation issues and foster local support, understanding and involvement for conservation.

It's a careful balance, but with our support, conservation breakthroughs are being made, vital scientific research undertaken and communities are being better educated to ensure the continuation of the forest and all that lives within it.

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