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Seedlings to help replant a forest
Help Bornean schoolchildren learn about the importance of saving orangutans
Important field equipment for our reforestation team
Observation equipment for the team to study orangutans in the field
Vital IT equipment to analyse field data and influence future studies
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acres of forest lost


Go Orange for OrangutansOrangutans are one of our closest relatives. We share OVER 96% of our DNA with them and, along with humans, they're the only great ape to live outside of Africa.

Known as the 'old man of the forest', they're also the only apes that spend almost their entire lives in the rainforest canopies of Sumatra and Borneo.

Their treetop homes are some of the oldest on earth and had remained almost unchanged for the past 70 million years. However in the 21st century the demand for timber, palm oil, roads, agricultural land and space for mining means huge areas of the forest have now been lost, taking with it the homes of orangutans.

With their numbers dwindling we're on the verge of losing this species FOREVER.


How YOU CAN help

We’re asking you to Go Orange for Orangutans!

Donate a pound to saving this unique species and go to school or work for a day dressed in as much orange as you dare! Maybe you could dye your hair, or paint your face as well. Don’t let it stop there, get creative with other orange themed fundraising ideas.

We’ll be awarding a prize for the craziest idea, and also for the school or company that raise the most money.

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Our Target

We're aiming to raise enough funds to help our conservation partners begin a new project looking at how these beautiful creatures are adapting to living on the ground in areas where their forest homes have been destroyed.

Orange for OrangutansA minimum of £5,000 will help purchase 15 specialist camera traps that will enable us to see images of the orangutans and give us an insight into their lives on the ground. Will you help us do this?

Please take part in our campaign and help secure the survival of this magnificent species.

100% of money raised goes to funding the organisations working on the frontline of orangutan conservation.

You can find out more about how your money is spent here


Register now and go orange!

Getting started is really easy. Complete the short form below to register and you'll get a free fundraising pack to download that includes everything you need, from why we need your help to fundraising ideas to get you started.

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Help Orangutans

This year we're working with DEFRA to raise awareness about the plight of wild animals and how we can all help save them from extinction. To find out more about the threat to orangutans and other animals visit www.facebook.com/IfTheyreGone

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