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Bornean Orangutan Conservation

Orangutans in Borneo have been pushed to the edge of extinction, as 50% of their forest habitat has been destroyed.

Now Act for Wildlife is helping the HUTAN - Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme to mitigate this terrible process, and save our ape cousins in Borneo.   

One of the biggest threats to orangutans is the loss of their habitats, as tropical rainforests are cleared for agriculture – such as palm oil plantations.  And even today orangutans are still hunted in much of Borneo.

In the last century, humans have destroyed 50% of the forests in which Bornean orangutans once lived. The species, one of our closest natural cousins, has been driven towards extinction, so we need to work hard, and quickly, to save the Bornean orangutan. 

That’s why Act for Wildlife is supporting HUTAN. The project is based in the floodplain of the Kinabatangan River, in Sabah state – home to the largest orangutan population in Malaysian Borneo.  HUTAN approaches conservation holistically, combining scientific research with protection and management of wildlife habitat.  Inclusion of the local community is paramount, which is why capacity building, awareness campaigns and community outreach, as well as development projects, are foremost in implementation of their work.

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From The Field

Datu Md Ahbam Abulani
Programme Co-ordinator / Field Manager for HUTAN

I'm Abham and in charge of the field operations for HUTAN as I manage and coordinate the different units. 

I am also head the HUTAN Environmental Awareness Project (HEAP) because I think it is important to raise awareness of the environment particularly within communities like mine which have direct access to wildlife. 

We are very fortunate here in the Kinabatangan to have wildlife such as the orangutans, Borneo pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys and so many bird species.  But because the Kinabatangan floodplain is so fertile, it is also very good for agriculture like oil palm plantations. 

Today, we have our Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary and other protected areas but they are not connected and they are also isolated from one another, mostly by the large scale oil palm plantations. 

This means that wildlife such as orangutans become isolated especially when the plantations build large drains to drain water from the plantations.  Orangutans cannot swim, so they become stuck in one area of forest.

In 2005, we started building rope bridges but it was only after five years and six rope bridges that we finally have photographic proof that the bridges are working for orangutans.  So, patience is important when carrying out scientific and conservation work especially when you are working in the field.

It is my hope that you can support HUTAN because you understand the importance of our conservation work. While the money goes to carrying out work in our area of the Kinabatangan floodplain, I really want you to know that this is a global effort of conservation.  We are doing this for the next generation, to ensure that they too can see the wonders of nature and wildlife.  I want to see our actions/work contribute to having a better environment than it is today.


Kind thanks to HUTAN and its staff for the orangutan photos used throughout Act for Wildlife

Banner photo courtesy of HUTAN/Jamil Sinyor.  Bam profile photo courtesy of HUTAN/Eddie Ahmad

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