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UK wildlife conservation

Since 1800, England has lost about 500 different species. Let’s not lose any more.

It’s not just exotic species in Africa or Asia that are threatened with extinction. In 2010 – International Year of Biodiversity – a report by Natural England revealed that England has lost a huge number of native species in the last 200 years.  These include around 12% of our land mammals and almost a quarter of our native butterflies.

Act for Wildlife supports the work of Sarah Bird, Chester Zoo’s Biodiversity Officer, who brings invaluable expertise to a range of projects in the North West of England and North Wales.

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From The Field

Sarah Bird
Biodiversity Officer, Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo has a wealth of UK wildlife experts, including vets and horticulturists. Lots of projects benefit from the zoo’s expertise, including work with endangered water voles and rare plants like Welsh cotoneaster.

It’s my job to be the eyes and ears of the zoo, and build links with UK wildlife partners – from organisations like the Wildlife Trusts to Government agencies and community groups. I make sure good conservation projects have the resources they need, by providing staff help and funding where it’s needed most.

Working in partnership, we’re achieving all sorts of successes in areas like habitat improvement (creating ponds for amphibians and rare water plants, building nest boxes for barn owls); breeding sand lizards for reintroduction; recording and monitoring wildlife with hi-tech cameras; and training the conservation professionals of the future.

There are lots of steps along the way to ‘saving species’. It’s about habitats, ecosystems and landscapes, and about awareness, appreciation, understanding and respect. There’s no point saving species if we haven’t saved enough habitats to support them in the future. 

We should be acting for all wildlife, not just the rare and endangered species. And acting before we get to the crisis point, where plants and animals are threatened with extinction.

For me, that’s what Act for Wildlife is about. It’s about helping to ensure healthy, robust and functioning ecosystems, supporting the planet for the future, and safeguarding wildlife that is understood and valued by people. And that starts right here, in my own back garden, in the UK.

I am passionate about our UK species. They are fascinating and diverse, and they are our heritage and our responsibility. They all have a part to play in the fantastic natural world we are blessed with in the UK. They enrich our lives and inspire us. I want to share my passion, and help other people appreciate and value what is living around them, so we can protect the UK’s wildlife – before any more of it is lost forever. 

Please sponsor the UK Wildlife project. You will be supporting all my work, and I promise that I will use your money where it is most needed.

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