We achieved Sustainable Palm Oil City status by getting representation from key organisations across Chester.  We’ve achieved 5 stars and can proudly say we’ve achieved Sustainable Palm Oil City Status*: 

  • Star 1 – 25 Restaurants, cafes, hotels and fast food outlets (including fish and chip shops)
  • Star 2 – 5 Workplaces that offer staff catering services
  • Star 3 – 2 of 5 Schools (local authority, catering provider for the majority of schools or consortium of schools), Colleges, Universities, council food outlets (a key catering provider to a large proportion of council outlets) and hospitals (key catering provider).
  • Star 4 – 3 Visitor attractions or leisure facilities (zoo, aquarium, football club, gym)
  • Star 5 – 3 Manufacturers or retailers based in the city

*Achieving this goal is just the start of the journey.  Our aim is for every organisation in Chester to join us!

Our Partners:

  • Orangutan Land Trust
  • Sumatran Orangutan Society
  • Chez Jules

For their ongoing support in the delivery and the ongoing development of the Sustainable Palm Oil City project.

Our Advisors and experts:

  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
  • Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming
  • Murdoch Associates
  • New Britain Palm Oil
  • Experts in Sustainable Forest & Agricultural Advice (EFECA)

Who have provided invaluable knowledge and experience to inform the development and implementation of the Sustainable Palm Oil City project and are supporting us to spread the word.

Our conservation colleagues:

  • Borneo Futures
  • British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Who have endorsed the Sustainable Palm Oil City initiative and are supporting us to spread the word.