The public statement

This is an example of a statement that you might want to make at the beginning of your sustainable palm oil journey to become a partner in the Sustainable Palm Oil City Project.  Please see below for more detailed information about creating an organisational policy or position statement.

We at [name of organisation] are committed to participation in the Sustainable Palm Oil City project in Chester.  By [DATE] we will have worked with suppliers to ensure that where palm oil is present in our food, it will be sourced from sustainable sources. By doing so we know that we are helping to protect wildlife around the world from the impact of unsustainable agricultural practices.

If you have made a public statement, please send us a link by emailing us here. Once we’ve seen your statement we’ll be able to send over the partner logos and window stickers. We’ll then start promoting you as part of the project.

The Toolkit

We have created a toolkit which provides you with all the information you need to carry out an audit of your food products. Download the toolkit here >