Jumping to save amphibians in:

The amphibian crisis is thought to be one of the GREATEST conservation challenges ever faced. It’s a race against time for many amphibian species as a silent killer, the lethal skin disease known as chytrid, devastates populations around the world. The fungus is likely to have played a big part in the 150 species of frog that have thought to have become extinct in the past 30 years.


species of amphibian have become extinct in the past 30 years


of the known amphibian species are at risk from extinction

Close up of mountain chicken frog at Chester Zoo
There are less than 100 mountain chicken frogs left in the wild

To make things more difficult, they’re also at risk of losing their home through deforestation and some species are also captured for the international pet market. Amphibians have got it pretty tough, but without them many other animals would struggle to survive.

Zoos are the last hope for many species. We’re working RIGHT NOW at Chester Zoo and in the field with our partners, carrying out vital monitoring and research projects and breeding programmes to help save amphibians before it’s too late.

Time really is running out for amphibians around the world. But we will continue to the fight to save them.