Black rhinos on the edge in:

In the last three generations around 90% of the eastern black rhino population has disappeared. Although conservationists are seeing positive signs that populations are slowly growing thanks to their efforts, there are only around 700 left in the wild, an incredibly low and potentially unsustainable number.

We have to ACT NOW to save this species or risk losing them forever.

Poachers are ruthless...

...and will stop at nothing to get their hands on rhino horn thanks to the demand on the black market for medicines and ornaments.

And they’re getting smarter and more organised making it even more difficult and dangerous for our partners on the ground to help protect the remaining black rhino population.

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We’re working with our partners on a number of projects in Africa to protect the remaining wild populations from a brutal end. We’re proud to be working with the rhino rangers and game scouts who are on the frontline of the war against illegal wildlife trade – these conservation heroes risk their lives daily to save this incredible animal.

The herd of black rhinos at Chester Zoo also play a crucial role in saving the species from extinction.  The scientific research and conservation breeding programmes that we manage at the zoo not only create a protected population of black rhino but can also inform the ways that rhino habitats and breeding programmes are managed in the wild.

The black rhino is hanging on to survival by a thread. We’re at risk of this species going extinct in the wild in just over 10 years. Time is of the essence!