Saving Asian elephants in:

Asian elephants in Assam, India are losing their precious forest homes as trees are replaced with villages, tea gardens and rice crops.

Elephants are in competition with people for space and as they move between small patches of remaining habitat in the search for food and water they come in to conflict with people.

The damage they cause to crops, homes and even people’s lives leads to tension between people and elephants. This human-wildlife conflict has a BIG threat on the species as villagers are often pushed to take action against the elephants.

Asian elephant populations are decreasing but we’re working with local communities to ensure that no human or elephant will lose their life because of conflict in Assam.

To make the fight to protect the Asian elephant even harder, young elephants around the world are also dying from a deadly disease, called elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV). This complex virus could have a catastrophic effect on the global conservation of the species, pushing this already endangered animal closer to extinction.

Currently, not enough is known about this disease so we’re leading the way to carry out vital scientific research to hopefully get closer to finding a solution into stopping it killing more young elephants.

We will continue to ACT FOR ELEPHANTS before it’s too late.