Living With Tigers in:

Despite a 63% increase in tiger numbers in Nepal – thanks to efforts to control poaching – there are still only around 200.  The news that numbers are growing has resulted in another conservation challenge which is threatening to undo what we’ve already achieved.

More tigers need more space pushing them closer to the villages living next to the national parks. Nearly half of Nepal’s human population lives in poverty and depend on the forests and natural resources for survival. This means they’re in competition with tigers which also rely on these resources to survive.

The result is human-tiger conflict which is having a devastating impact on communities and wildlife – leading to serious injury and even death of villagers and tigers.

We are working with our partners to find a way tigers and people can live safely alongside each other. We’re giving practical advice and support to help people find ways to be less dependent on the forest for their livelihoods, create ways to deter tigers and to conduct vital research into human-tiger conflict.