Habitats are shrinking, human populations are growing and climates are changing resulting in people and wildlife facing more challenges to find space, food and resources to survive. Animals are being forced to venture into villages, towns and cities in search of food and in order to reach natural resources such as water and shelter.

Unfortunately animals often become a threat to a community – whether that is a threat to their safety or their livelihoods – and people then begin to retaliate, often resulting in animals being killed, to put a stop to it happening again.

Wild tiger walking through the dry bush forests of Ranthambore national park on a winter morning

Imagine how you would feel if elephants were regularly knocking down your house while you slept or tigers were eating your livestock and only source of income.

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the main threats to many species and is a growing concern as environments and habitats change.

We’re leading the way – by working alongside our conservation partners and local communities – to help wildlife and people live safely alongside each other.