Reporting wildlife crime

We’ve teamed up with the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) and TRAFFIC to give the best advice we can about how to identify crimes and how to report suspicious activity that is a threat to nature.

STEP 1: If you witness a wildlife crime in action then call the police immediately.

STEP 2: If you know that a wildlife crime may have happened in the past or have information about potential crimes taking place in the UK, overseas or online then you can report it here. We’ll pass that information on to the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU). Even the smallest piece of information can help. You may be able to provide the final piece in the jigsaw or you may be the catalyst for a major investigation.

Information from the public is the lifeblood of the police.

What is wildlife crime?

Wildlife crime is any deliberate action which contravenes current laws governing the protection of wild animals, plants and habitats. Below are just some examples of the types of crimes that our partners are interested in hearing about. Further information about the UK Wildlife Crime priorities and news about recent prosecutions can be found on the NWCU’s website, here.

Here's how you can report wildlife crime in the UK

Reporting ongoing crimes to the Police

If you are witnessing a crime that is taking place, you need to report this to the Police on 999 if it is an emergency or 101. The more information you provide, the more chance the Police have of catching offenders.

  • Provide exact details of what you believe you are witnessing
  • Provide clear locations
  • Obtain good descriptions, numbers of persons involved, ages, clothing they are wearing and anything that they are carrying or animals they may have.
  • Do they have vehicles with them? Try and obtain a registration number or a description of the vehicle.
  • If they are leaving the scene, which direction are they heading?
  • Try and keep watch and see whether they dispose of anything.
  • If you know that the Police are on their way, it is sometimes possible to stay on the line and provide the Police with a commentary of what you are witnessing.
  • If you can, make notes and keep them, your notes may be vital later on.

Reporting other information

Any other information about wildlife crimes that you suspect that may have already taken place or information you have about individuals that you believe are involved in wildlife crime can be reported using the form below. The more detail you can provide the more likelihood that it can be developed into useable intelligence.

If you are reporting suspected illegal wildlife trade that is taking place on the internet, try and provide full web addresses and take a screen shot of what you have seen. Offenders often remove posts and they then can’t be retrieved at a later date.

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