This complex disease is having a catastrophic effect on the global conservation of the Asian elephant and we want to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible to stop more elephants from dying from this lethal disease.

EEHV doesn't discriminate

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a two year old elephant calf at Chester Zoo, at a zoo in the USA or in the wild in Africa – this is a problem right around the world which makes it even more critical that we find an answer.

We don’t want it to be an extinction level event for this magnificent animal.

Mike Jordan, Chester Zoo collections director

Currently, not enough is known about this disease so we need to carry out vital research to hopefully get closer to finding a way to stopping it killing more elephants. We’re part of the global conservation community committed to the conservation of Asian elephants, so we will continue to carry out intensive research and work to discover more about this virus and how to treat it.

We’re acting for elephants…

…to help save the global population of the species. You can help find a solution by making a donation today. We Will Never Forget.