As a zoo we have a crucial role to play in the fight to protect wildlife.  Our experts, partners and collaborators apply their skills, knowledge and scientific evidence to ensure that we’re making a real difference to conservation around the world.

We’re lucky enough to protect some of the most incredible species here at the zoo and in the field so for us it is personal. We won’t stand back and let habitat destruction and human threats to wildlife continue unchecked.

We strongly believe that every one of us can help and that together we can make a big difference. We know that what we start here will have a huge impact globally and we won’t give up.

Gerado in Madagascar

Because we’re part of Chester Zoo we can ensure that every penny that you donate to Act for Wildlife will be spent on supporting conservation programmes here in the UK and all over the world; programmes that we’ll look back on in years to come with pride.

We need your help to support our work in the UK and Europe, Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarenes, South East Asia, South Asia and Latin America.

But it’s also about what you can do to ACT FOR WILDLIFE.  From planting wildflowers to buying sustainably produced products or reporting wildlife crime, we’re in this together.